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Each creation is an ode to architecture. Every story is inspired by the aesthetic of beautiful cities around the world.

  • Designed for the moment with an awareness of the past, bringing you back to a time when beauty was cherished and celebrated.

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Memories that last a lifetime.

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My journey from artist to jewelry designer began on the beaches of South Carolina and Florida. As a young girl, I collected tiny shells and the occasional sand dune sunflower. I fashioned them with fishing line or sewing thread into rustic necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Years later, my travels took me to Paris, Barcelona, Siracusa and other historic European cities. There, I admired classic architectural forms that incorporated imaginative takes on designs first seen in nature or in rudimentary tools. Rose petal windows carved from stone, sunbursts chiseled into castle walls, and compass needles in gates forged from iron. I resolved to create a lasting memory for each city, by transforming iconic designs there into delicate jewelry pieces to wear at home. Eventually, my friends with similar passions for travel, nature and architecture convinced me to share my jewelry pieces with them, and now with you. I hope the stories behind each collection I’ve designed will take on new forms in your life. They might encourage you to visit the city that inspired a design you like to wear. Or they might rekindle memories of the romance and adventure you still treasure from your last visit there. Wishing you the best in love and beauty, Kirsten


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